MBTA Problems in Pictures

Delays on the MBTA have become very common for riders. Check out some photos of delays on the transit system over the past year.

11 photos
Dave Lukien
On February 8, 2015, 50 riders were stuck on a Red Line car after it became disabled on a frozen above-ground section due to heavy snow. It took about two hours for a new train to arrive to rescue the riders.
On April 16, 2015, hundreds waited for shuttle buses after Red Line services were impacted by a box truck dangling over a overpass
On Friday March 29, 2015, the Green Line suffered severe delays after a tree toppled over onto a power line at the Newton Centre stop. Service was cut between Reservoir and Riverside.
Lizzy Tomei
The Green Line experienced severe delays on June 30, 2015, after a fire broke out on a train.
Jessica Barlett/Boston Business Journal
On August 21, 2015, a fire broke out in South Station. An insulator supporting the third rail of the Red Line caught fire. Shuttle buses replaced Red Line trains in both directions between Park Street and JFK/UMass.
On October 2, 2015 service between Fenway and Reservoir was suspended on the Green Line's D branch after a tree branch fell on wires near Reservoir Station.
On January 21, smoke came out of an Orange Line train in Forest Hills.
Boston Business Journal
On February 18, all trains saw severe delays after an Amtrak switch problem. Hundreds waited to board a Red Line train at Quincy Center.
More waiting to board commuter rail trains.
Matt List
And people from the Commuter Rail were trying to board the Orange Line. Crowds were backed up past the fare gates.
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