Ask Jennifer: Advice on Investing Advice

Do you need advice on investing advice?

Jennifer Lane, a certified financial planner with Compass Planning, talks about the places you can turn to when you need help.

Carolyn in Newton asks: "What kinds of fees should I expect to pay an investment advisor? I'm trying to compare hourly fees to paying a percentage of the amount I have invested. Are there advisors who only get paid on your capital gains?"

Sharon in Boston writes: "I'm a small investor. I've been working for five years and can afford to start a Roth IRA this year. I've heard paying commissions is a bad idea but I don't have near enough money to afford any other type of advisor. What do you think?"

Jack in Groton asks: "My mom died last summer and I inherited her accounts at a local brokerage firm. My parents used this company for a long time and I like the broker, but my husband thinks we should shop around."

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