Boston Business Journal Report: Flying Cars?

It's been a futuristic dream for decades, but flying cars may finally happen.

The Massachusetts company that's been working on one for nearly a decade is close to production - they just need more money. Terrafugia, seeking $30 million in funding, plans to have the first flying cars ready in two years.

Boston Business Journal tech editor David Harris says the flying car model, called the Transition, looks like a mix of a car and a plane.

"You can park it in your garage, the wings basically collapse into the car and then you can drive to your local airport and take off," he said.

Harris says the model is designed to travel up to 200 mph and 10,000 feet into the air.

"You of course need a license to fly, but you need a sports pilot license, which only requires 20 hours of training," he said.

Learn more about Terrafugia's production here.

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