CEO Corner: A Day in the Life of a Game Producer

(NECN) - For one growing sector of the Massachusetts economy, you might say it's all one big game.

The state has a booming video game industry.

Digital gaming is big business and it’s growing in the Bay State.

Find out what it takes to get a game going and why more and more companies are making them mobile.

And what’s a day in the life like for a video game developer? It Doesn't always involve going into the office! But it involves constant and continuous updates—tinkering and improving.

CEO and co-founder Albert Reed of Demiurge Studios, which made Marvel Puzzle Quest, and COO Hank Howie of Disruptor Beam, which made Game of Thrones Ascent, talk about how they spend their time and work.

Plus, why more games are going to mobile phones and why most are free to play.

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