CEO Corner: Advising Boston Mayor Elect Regarding BCEC

(NECN) - It may be hard to believe something 1.7 million square feet is too small, but the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center does not seem to be big enough to generate the big business and big bucks city officials want.

Boston has hosted more than 2,000 conventions, but that's only part of the story. Promoters say Boston has lost more than 100 events because of a lack of hotel rooms.

Support is building for a $1 billion expansion to the BCEC. Convention officials say it won't require any new fees or taxes.

James Rooney, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, joins Peter Howe on CEO Corner and gives advice to Boston’s Mayor elect Marty Walsh.

Additionally, Rooney shares his thoughts on the potential for casino gambling in both Boston and Springfield.

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