CEO Corner: An Evolving McDonald's

(NECN) - A trendy, upscale setting with mocha lattes and organic coffee, serving salads and wraps - this is not your father's McDonald's.

How is the fast food French fry frontier evolving in more health-conscious times?

Find out from a father, daughter and son who, together, own 13 Massachusetts McDonald's.

Sam McBee owns and operates a McDonald's in Bridgewater. His sister, Gabrielle McBee, is the human resources director for the McBee franchise system. Their father, Mark McBee, operates 12 McDonald's on Cape Cod and the South Shore.

"We've focused a lot on listening to our customers," said Mark. "And our customers are telling us they want choices, so we have introduced a lot of new products this year, a lot of them are nutritionally very friendly ... as many choices we can give our customers, the happier they seem to be."

How do they put the McBee stamp on the McD’s brand? And what’s new at the restaurants? Plus, what do they think of those local flavor coffee commercials?

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