CEO Corner: Andrew Dreyfus Explains Mass. Health Reform 2.0

(NECN) - On this week’s edition of CEO Corner, Andrew Dreyfus of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts discusses what many are calling Massachusetts Health Reform 2.0.

It is a new law, enacted in late July, which follows up on the 2006 universal health coverage law with measures to control the growth of health care spending over the next 10 years.

BCBS MA is the biggest health insurer in Massachusetts, with nearly 3 million members in and out of the state, processing more than $13 billion worth of health spending each year and processing 52 million claims.

On this week’s show, Dreyfus explains some of the sweeping changes the new law will make: limiting overall growth in health care spending to the rate of growth of the state’s economy between now and 2017 – and by 0.5 percent less than state GDP growth in the five years after 2017 – and new incentives for employer-provided “wellness programs.”

He also discusses reforms intended to reduce malpractice lawsuits against physicians.

For more, check out the video above.

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