CEO Corner: Boston's Booming Film Industry

(NECN) - Do you want to be in pictures? Angela Peri can help.

Sixty-thousand people, from reality TV want-to-be's, to extras in some of Hollywood's biggest hits, got their starts with Boston Casting.

Just how hot is the film industry in New England right now, and how can you nail an audition?

Peri is the founder and owner of Boston Casting, and the Massachusetts movie making business is booming. So is her database.

"We just finished seven movies here in Massachusetts, which is really unheard of," said Peri. "Years ago, they only came here for the foliage, the rowers on the Charles, Harvard Square and the Boston Common. They always came here just for the exteriors. Now, they're shooting the whole movie here."

Peri talks about the industry and also how technology has made her job much easier.

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