CEO Corner: MassMutual Focus on Green Energy

(NECN) – The CEO of MassMutual Financial Group, Roger Crandall, talks about the sea of solar panels on the roof top of their Springfield, Mass. headquarters.

MassMutual recycled 764,000 pounds of paper in 2011.

“I think everybody thinks about green energy and thinks about leaving a smaller carbon footprint but then you start to think about, how do you actually do something? We have a big building. We have a 10-acre roof, and we ran the numbers and saw that if we put solar panels…on the roof, we could not just reduce our footprint, but we could produce a lot of the electricity we might need,” Crandall says of the Springfield headquarters. “Pictures do not do it justice…this is in the overall scheme of things a small thing, but I think the way you create change long-term is one small step at a time.”

Crandall also discusses the potential impact of high speed rail service, a Casino in Springfield and why he set up an “Office of the CEO.”  

Watch the attached video to hear more from Crandall.

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