CEO Corner: Peter Pan Bus Lines' Growth

(NECN) - Third generation Peter Pan Bus Lines CEO Peter Picknelly runs a company that moves 11,000 passengers a day.

He joined NECN's CEO Corner to tell us what it takes to do that, how the bus industry has changed over the last decade, and what is different about today's buses.

"The creature comforts in a modern bus today are really very sophisticated. All of the buses are wi-fi equipped, and they've been wi-fi equipped for years," Picknelly said. "They're completely monitored by GPS, so we know all of our dispatch locations can identify exactly where every bus is, how fast it's going, its braking patters - it's a very sophisticated vehicle now."

Picknelly explains the differences between Peter Pan, Bolt, and Yo, as well as how they can charge less than they did in 1999 for some routes.

Watch the attached video to learn more.

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