CEO Corner: Running Footwear Trends

(NECN) - Marathon Sports Owner and President, Colin Peddie, talks about the latest trends in running footwear, and why cushioning isn't necessarily key.

The conversation included a little show and tell, as Peddie made some comparisons between the shoes of old and the latest developments in footwear technology, including the industry's shift to a minimalist shoe.

"The movement is towards less shoe, and it has been for a number of years now," Peddie said. "What we're trying to do is take away as much mid-sole and as much weight and as much support as possible - as much as the runner can get away with."

Peddie also describes Marathon Sports' "The Right Fit" program, which includes asking customers about their current shoe, how long they've had the pair, what their running goals are, any aches and pains they've experienced, and even a bio-mechanical diagnosis, from foot to hip.

For more on footwear trends and Marathon Sports' approach, watch the video above.

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