On the Record: Paul Guzzi

(NECN) - It's time to go on the record with the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

President and CEO Paul Guzzi weighs in on the Massachusetts House and Senate rejecting Governor Deval Patrick's amendment to the transportation finance bill.

"One, they're all on the same team. They have a little bit different view. I think that $500 million of new taxes from the way Alison described is significant. I think the governor deserves credit. He raised the issue, and as Brian described, the disconnect is between what might happen in 2017 if the tolls come down, and Latoyia, I've been around a long time, and those tolls are not coming down," Guzzi says.

Guzzi also talks about the latest jobs numbers for the Bay State and if the region's power grid can handle the strain from this heat wave.

Watch the attached video for more.

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