TWIB: Emergency Preparedness at MGH

(NECN) – Although three people died as a result of the Boston Marathon bombings, no one that was cared for in a medical tent or one of the city’s hospitals passed away.

Two emergency planning and preparedness officials, both from Mass General Hospital, talked about how they have been planning for this year’s marathon.

David Reisman, the emergency services director at Mass. General Hospital, says they are ready for Marathon Monday. He said they spent the last year analyzing what happened and how they can improve.

“The majority of what we’re going to do is actually very similar to what we’ve done before, which I think is good news, but we are taking some additional steps,” Reisman explained.

Dr. Paul Biddinger, the medical director for emergency preparedness at Mass. General Hospital, was in a tent on Heartbreak Hill when the bombs went off before heading to the hospital.

“We were so pleased that we were able to help those who were tragically injured,” said Dr. Biddinger. “What we’re trying to do is build on those lessons. We do still have a little bit of staffing increase. We have a little bit of security increase, but mostly we’re trying to make sure that things that worked well for us when we were, unfortunately, needed last year are there this year.”

In addition, they talk about the emotional challenges of this anniversary and how they are working to try to reach out to employees who were affected by the trauma.

Three people were killed in last year's marathon bombings and an officer was killed in the aftermath. More than 260 were injured.

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