TWIB: Marathon Bombings and Boston Business

(NECN) – With the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings approaching, members of NECN’s business editor’s roundtable talked a new poll that suggests most Bostonians think the attacks changed the city in a positive way.

This year, there will be 36,000 as opposed to 27,000 last year. $61M will be donated to the One Fund, which helps the victims of the bombings.

In addition, there will be double the media presence than there was at the race last year, including world-wide coverage.

The editors discussed how this will impact the city’s business community.

“If you walk down Boylston Street, it’s clear that people are back on their feet and people feel they’re able to walk down the sidewalk and not necessarily feel like they’re walking through a warzone. I think, from that regard, I think they’re ready. I think its back to normal to a certain degree,” said Craig Douglas about how the city has recovered.

“I think that it’s good that people are not afraid to come to Boston after the marathon and bombings last year,” said Shirley Leung. “The economy is doing very well. People are traveling more in general.”

In addition, the roundtable discussed Mayor Marty Walsh’s plan to bring wifi to Boston and its neighborhoods.

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