TWIB: PayPals Boston Office

(NECN) - David Chang, the COO of PayPal, joined NECN to talk about the Boston office.

Chang began by explaining the function of PayPal.

We really want to reduce the distance between wanting something and getting something, so a lot of what we do within the PayPal walls is we try to figure out ways that we can help consumers get what they want faster,” Chang explained.

Chang also talked about how the choice to open an office in the Financial District of Boston was made.

“One, it’s really close to all the major lines. Two, many of our customers are right near us. And, you know, thirdly, from just an overall vibe, it was really difficult for us to be outside the center of the city. So it could’ve been in Cambridge, it could’ve been somewhere else, but the Financial District was one of those rare places that had everything,” Chang said.

In addition, Chang discussed the future of bitcoin, company priorities, and the Boston "start tank."

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