Vt. Ugly Christmas Sweater Business Spawns Book Spinoff

(NECN: Jack Thurston, Killington, Vt.) - At Wally's American Grill in Killington, Vt., owner Britt Crompton is trying to not let fame go to her head.

"I love my day job," she chuckled, assuring New England Cable News she's not planning to pursue a career in modeling.

Crompton has become something of a centerfold this holiday season, appearing in a nationally-released book from Running Press about ugly Christmas sweaters. Crompton and her family appear in "Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater" wearing a matching set of sweaters adorned with puffy candy canes.

"It's just the spirit and being light-hearted," Crompton said of the ugly Christmas sweater trend. "Not taking yourself too seriously."

"Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater" came from Crompton's neighbor, Anne Marie Blackman. "And those [ugly sweater] photos get so heavily shared in social media, that I thought it'd be great to gather more and share them with everybody," the author said.

The book is a spinoff from the business Blackman started to pay for her children's college educations, MyUglyChristmasSweater.com. She'll sell thousands of garish sweaters this season to theme party guests. Some are tacky vintage designs, others are modified through crafting techniques like sewing and glue-gunning to make even tackier for theme party guests.

"It's just like a costume party," Blackman told NECN. "Like a Halloween party, where people have fun dressing up."

NECN asked Blackman why Americans spend so much time and money to look good, but then embrace bad taste at these parties.

"Although it's called an 'ugly Christmas sweater party,' some sweaters are not ugly," the businesswoman said, pointing to her own sweater which showed scarf-wearing polar bears on skis. "I don't think this is ugly. It's cute!"

Blackman said she sees no indication the ugly sweater trend will fizzle any time soon, meaning plenty more parties for fun-lover and now, occasional model, Britt Crompton. "It's very fun," Crompton beamed.

To learn more about the book, visit this website.

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