Winter Olympics Ad Winners

(NECN) - Ads featuring the Winter Olympics and winter games were difficult to miss this year.

Paul Krasinski, Chief Marketing Officer of Visible Measures, a Boston-based company that offers real-time analytics and feedback on video marketing campaigns, offered his review of some of the best ads from the 2014 Winter Olympics.  

Visible Measures tracked the video advertising campaigns of advertisers during the games. By measuring online views, social media comments and paid media, Visible Measures came up with its medal-winning ads.  

Proctor & Gamble's "Pick Them Back Up" won gold, he said, which collected 23 million views. Because the ad hit home with a male and female audience and because everyone can remember their first-time out on the ice or the ski slopes, Krasinski said it created a social conversation about Proctor & Gamble.

Proctor & Gamble also got the silver in ads created around the games for "Winter Olympics 2014: Thank you, Mom/Kept Us Going." Krasinki said this ad offered a tear-jerker moment that inspired many viewers to want to thank their mothers.

In the bronze was the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion's ad. Krasinski said this ad poked fun at Russia’s political environment and stance on homosexuality. The ad spread quickly on the Internet.

Because of restrictions on Olympics footage, Monday’s interview can’t be posted online.
You can learn more about Visible Measures at their web site.

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