Ask Jennifer: College Savings

Certified financial planner Jennifer Lane answers questions as students prep to go back to school

As students prepare to head back to school, many have questions regarding saving for college.

Jennifer Lane, a certified financial planner with Compass Planning, has answers for NECN viewers.

Patrick in Sudbury asks: "My mom wants to start saving in a 529 plan for our twins. Is that a good idea? I've heard that any savings you have will reduce the financial aid you can get."

Tom in Brockton writes: "My son is going to a cheap school this fall so I'm thinking I may have too much in his 529 college account. Can I transfer the balance to another kid or is it better to withdraw the money? What are the penalties?"

Vivaan in Brookline asks: "My daughter's 529 plan account hasn't done very well. We make monthly deposits but the account balance hasn't budged much over what we have contributed. Can I move to another account like I could with an IRA account?" 

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