Ask Jennifer: Healthcare Options

It's time to take a look at healthcare options as open enrollment for Medicare approaches

With Medicare open enrollment starting in a few weeks, it's time to take a close look at healthcare options.

Financial planner Jennifer Lane joined NECN to answer questions about paying for healthcare.

Judy in Hudson, Massachusetts, wrote, "I turn 65 in December and my friends say I need to sign up for Medicare 6 months before my birthday. How do I sign-up and how do I pick a plan? I've always had employer health coverage so this is all new."

Margaret in Weymouth, Massachusetts, wrote, "I had to start withdrawing from my IRA this year because I turned 70. Will the increased income affect my Medicare premium? I reinvested the money in mutual funds and didn't spend it."

Larry in Readville, Massachusetts, wrote, "I'm still working. Do I need to switch to Medicare at age 65 or can I stay on my employer's health plan?"

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