Ask Jennifer: Maximizing Retirement Income

Certified financial planner Jennifer Lane has tips for viewers

Many wonder what is the best way to maximize retirement income, but Jennifer Lane has some answers.

Lane, a certified financial planner with Compass Planning, offers her advice to NECN Business viewers.

Lynn in Dracut, Massachusetts, asked: "My husband and I both turn 67 next year. We could really use the income, but were planning to delay his Social Security while I take mine. Is that a good strategy?"

Susan in Chelmsford wrote: "I sold my house last year and I'm thinking about buying an annuity. I'm single and concerned about outliving my income and I think an annuity could help me. What do you think?"

Michelle in Ashland asked: "I'm retiring in December. I've always used the target date mutual fund choice in my 401k. Does it make sense to roll it over into an Income fund now that I'm retiring?" 

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