Boston Business Journal Report: Beacon Hill's Winners and Losers

BBJ managing editor Jon Chesto has a preview

Massachusetts' legislative session wrapped up - but was it a successful one?

As the Boston Business Journal reports, there were winners and losers from this year's season on Beacon Hill.

BBJ managing editor Jon Chesto says some of the winners include organized labor.

"They really pulled out all of the stops. They made some major victories, they were able to get the minimum wage up to $11 an hour, up from $8 an hour. They finally got some staffing ratios in the hospitals, that's something the nurses have been fighting for for a long time," he said.

What about the losers?

"The utilities were hoping for a subsidy to help build transmission lines to Canada. The Canadian hydro companies were hoping for a bill that would require major purchases of hydropower. That bill fell apart," he said. 

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