Boston Business Journal Report: Mass. Casino Race

BBJ managing editor Jon Chesto explains why architects are slamming one of the proposed projects

There's a new review from the Boston Business Journal that may tip the scales as the Massachusetts Gaming Commission decides which project to greenlight.

According to the BBJ, a panel of architects slammed the designed for Wynn's proposed casino in Everett.

BBJ managing editor Jon Chesto says the architectural differences between the proposed projects in Everette and Revere are significant.

"One is a big hotel tower - this is Wynn's strategy all the time when he tries to build. The other is more of a mid-level, varying sizes of buildings, kind of a complex, at Revere. And the architects really don't like the towers," he said, adding. "They think it's dull and uninspiring."

Watch the above video for more. 

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