Boston Mayor's Visit to US Olympic Committee

NECN business editor Peter also discussed Obamacare, Port of Boston, and the Providence Journal

NECN business editor Peter Howe was on the Business Beat looking at Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and his visit to the US Olympic Committee in Colorado.

Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles make up the short list of cities that are interested in hosting the 2024 Olympic Games.

"I take the mayor of his word that he's out there on sort of a fact finding mission to understand just what is really at stake here, what the city would have to do, does this make sense for Boston, and his mind is open and he's thinking about it," Howe explained.

In addition, Howe discussed how to make sense of opposing Obamacare rulings, the economic impact of the Port of Boston, and the sale of the Providence Journal.

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