Market Basket Apologizes to Customers

Supermarket chain says some employees 'have lost site' of taking care of customers in full page letter printed in Boston Globe

Market Basket is apologizing to customers for the growing dispute with employees over the ouster of the company's CEO.

The supermarket chain took out a full page in the Boston Globe, telling customers it is sorry for the recent turmoil and criticizing some employees who demand the return of ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

Some shoppers told NECN they agree with the employees. For now, they say, they will continue to shop at Market Basket.

"It just feels like this all about greed. That's what it feels like," one customer said.

Market Basket has 25,000 employees, and hundreds of them rallied outside the store's warehouse and corporate offices in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, Friday, marking what could become the start of a protracted labor dispute for the privately held, non-union company.

"I really think that the employees are right. This guy is a good guy, so I don't blame them," said another customer. "I think they should fight."

In Saturday's Globe, the store's new leadership published an open letter, apologizing to customers and saying some employees “have lost sight of their top priority - taking care of you - and instead have engaged in actions that harm Market Basket's reputation and prevent us from meeting our obligation to you.”

"I hope it stays the same and that they come to a conclusion," one customer said.

Market Basket employees say this is not a strike. But some of them do plan to return to the company's warehouse next week to continue their protest.

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