Market Basket Employees' Frustrations Continue

A proposed deal is reportedly near, but is not solidified

As the Market Basket battle rages on with a proposed deal near but not solidified, frustrations continue among store employees, worried about the future of their jobs and and how they will feed their families.

"I have a family, you know," said David Rondon, a Burlington, Massachusetts, Market Basket employee.

"They need to get this over with, get these people back to work," Maureen Donovan, another worker, said.

The potential news is worrisome.

A source tells NECN that in the event a deal can't be reached, the company's board of directors has prepared a contingency plan which could, by some reports, close more than 60 of the grocery chains 71 stores and terminate all employees. Thousands of part-time Market Basket employees are already without hours and aren't getting paid.

Market Basket has lost millions of dollars since warehouse workers walked off the job last month, protesting the firing of Arthur T. Demoulas. He's offered to buy out his cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas, and other family members.

As store shelves stand empty, customers are dwindling. One couple, who supports Arthur T., finally broke down and came back into the Burlington store Wednesday to buy Labor Day items, but say they're positive for the future.

"I'm patient because I feel confident that there's going to be a happy ending, that everyone can live with especially the workers and all of us customers, said Pam Giannatsis. 

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