Market Basket Workers Protest Despite Call for End to Work Stoppage

Executives demanded that employees return to work Monday, but many continued their demands for the return of outsted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas

Suddenly, for many managers in the Market Basket encampment and along the picket line across from corporate headquarters in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, no paycheck is the new price of loyalty to Arthur T. Demoulas.

"I've been here for 42 years, and it's the first time I've ever had no paycheck," said manager Bob Hartman.

Now comes more pressure from Arthur T. Demoulas' cousin, Jack Demoulas, who has written a letter urging workers to get back to work.

"We have inconvenienced our customers, traumatized thousands of associates, hurt our suppliers and made a public circus out of a private dispute," wrote Jack Demoulas. "Let Arthur T. and Arthur S. work this out."

Protesting workers loyal to Arthur T. are unmoved.

"I don't see why I would want to go to work when they're trying to blackmail me to get back into work," said Hartman.

It's blackmail in the opinions of protesters because the Market Basket board is threatening to fill their jobs.

"I think it's a scare tactic to bring them in, and that seems to be the consensus around," said Hartman.

"Never going to happen. You can't fill the positions of the people that they're looking for," said office manager Michelle St. Cyr.

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