Bethenny Frankel: Declutter Your Home Now to ‘Help Be More Productive When Work Life Starts Again'

John Lamparski

While following "stay at home" orders across the country, reality star and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel says taking the time to declutter and organize now will help with life after Covid-19.

"If you're not organizing every drawer, cabinet, garage, refrigerator etc. within an inch of its life, get started. This will help be more productive when work life starts again. Decluttering space declutters the mind. Good ideas will come," the founder of Skinnygirl and disaster relief organization BStrong tweeted Thursday.

Frankel declutter tweet

"When we have an organized space, and I mean down to our condiments, makeup brushes and our kids' toys, we can function at a much higher level," Frankel tells CNBC Make It.

And it's not about "sorting and clustering items," she says. "It's about streamlining, getting rid of, donating and having only really good things but fewer of them."

It's important to organize our living space to ultimately increase the amount we can accomplish, Frankel says.

"[Decluttering] means everything having a place. This can mean getting rid of graying towels, expired food, duplicates of kitchen wear etc.," she tells CNBC Make It. 

Even if you're already organized, "Go BACK IN!" Frankel tweeted. "There is MORE! I am the most organized person on the planet.....and there is always MORE."

Frankel go back in tweet

Science backs up some of Frankel's advice – studies have shown that environment can influence emotions and behavior, Harvard Business Review (HBR) reports.

"Cluttered spaces can have negative effects on our stress and anxiety levels," according to HBR, "as well as [on] our ability to focus, our eating choices, and even our sleep."

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