New Bus Service From Maine to New York

A thriving tourism industry has paved the way for a new, direct bus route from Portland, Maine, to New York, meaning passengers will be able to bypass a stop in Boston to get to the Big Apple.

The new route at Concord Coach Lines is making drivers so happy, they could sing.

"I have to go through Boston and then you have to switch stations, so it's really complicated," said Bowdoin College student Amber Orosco. "Having one straight one-way would be nice."

For now, a one-way ticket is $49.

The bus service says there's been demand for this service from college students, tourists and business travelers.

An "executive class" bus with bigger, leather seats, better Wi-Fi and free coffee will run the route.

This bus service doesn't actually get started until Nov. 2, but they wanted to get the word out now so people can buy tickets early.

So far, just one trip a day is scheduled. But as demand grows, they hope to add more trips.

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