Report: Market Basket Pays Employees Bonuses After Summer's Protests, Boycott

After a tumultuous summer, Market Basket employees will receive Christmas and customer-service bonuses this year that are equal to or will exceed what the supermarket chain has given out in the past, according to a report.

The Lowell Sun reports that while it's not known how much the company has given out this year, its assistant director of operations said it was the same, if not more, than in the past.

Its board of directors announced that Christmas bonuses totaled $44 million and year-end bonuses totaled $70 million, according to the report.

Employees at and customers of the New England supermarket chain staged protests and boycotts after a family feud came to a head and their beloved CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas, was ousted by his cousin. "Artie T.," as he is known by employees and customers alike, bought back the company after the two sides reached an agreement in August. 

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