An American's Coronavirus Quarantine Experience in a Chinese Hotel

This Disney entertainer's life got turned upside down when she flew into Shanghai -- she's now isolated in a quarantined hotel for two weeks

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Lexy Chidester hopped on a flight earlier this month that, instead of bringing her back to her apartment, landed her straight to quarantine in a Chinese hotel room.

She was flying from Los Angeles to Shanghai, where she works as an entertainer for Disney, at what could have been the worst time. China had just added the United States to a list of countries that required any travelers to quarantine.

Chidester, who is from California, isn’t fluent in Mandarin and was pulled along from official to official until she ended up in a hotel room that would be her home for two weeks.

"It is not a functioning hotel, it is a quarantine zone," she said about arriving on her first day. "They start spraying everyone down to decontaminate everything."

She was alone in the hotel room with her luggage, barely any necessities and no visitors except people in hazmat suits. One week into this forced quarantine, Chidester shared with NBC10 Boston what her experience is like, everything from washing clothes in a bathtub to making friends out of plasticware

She is also making the best of things on social media by sharing her experience and making her followers laugh as she tries to stay sane. You can follow her on Instagram at @LexyRaye.

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