New Hampshire

Manchester Mayor's Daughter Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Mayor Craig's test came back negative

NBC Bay Area

The daughter of the mayor of New Hampshire's largest city has tested positive for COVID-19.

"Yesterday, I received news that my daughter Sarah tested positive for COVID-19," Mayor Joyce Craig said in a statement. "Upon arriving home from studying abroad in London, she self-quarantined as per CDC guidelines for international travelers."

Craig, who has been Manchester's mayor since 2018, said that both she and her daughter were tested a week ago. Her test came back negative, but Sarah's came back positive. No one in their family is currently experiencing symptoms, she said.

"This is an important reminder that people all ages can get this virus, and that many people carrying COVID-19 may be asymptomatic," Craig said in the statement. "Nobody is safe from COVID-19, which is why it’s important that people stay home."

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