Kentucky Couple Ties the Knot in Front of ‘Cocaine Bear'

After seeing the film “Cocaine Bear” in theaters, this couple knew that they wanted a wedding with a "beary" unique twist.

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When the movie "Cocaine Bear" hit theaters in February, a Kentucky couple knew exactly who they wanted to exchange vows in front of on their wedding day: Pablo EskoBear.

After watching the movie, Griffin Vanmeter, owner of Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall, decided to make the titular character the store’s new mascot.

He also advertised that the cocaine bear was accepting applications to marry people.

That's when Kentucky natives Alexandra Venturino and Armando Elizondo knew it was meant to be.

The couple reached out to Vanmeter and arranged to have the stuffed bear be the wedding officiant for their big day on Monday, March 27. Venturino and Elizondo were the first couple to tie the knot before the famed bear.

Elizondo says this will definitely be a story to tell the grandkids

“I like It a lot," he said. "This is nice. The bear is pretty cool. It’s the only bear like that.”

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