2 Men Charged With Assault Involving a Machete

Police responded to a report of several men fighting in Wareham, Massachusetts, Friday afternoon

Two men have been arrested in connection with assault involving a machete, according to the Wareham Police Department.

Around 1:30 p.m. Friday, officials responded to a report of several men fighting near Onset Avenue and East Boulevard in Wareham, Massachusetts. Witnesses told police a man was carrying a machete.

Police pulled over 22-year-old Kohlbey Hammond of Onset, Massachusetts, about a mile away from the incident. Upon investigation, they found a black machete. Also in the vehicle was 20-year-old Aurthor Mpofu of West Wareham, Massachusetts.

Hammond told officials his vehicle was hit by a rock near Point Independence Bridge and that he pulled over to confront the man he thought threw the rock. Mpofu said he pulled out the machete in self defense.

The victim told police Hammond and Mpofu chased him and a friend while swinging the machete.

No one was injured.

Mpofu and Hammond have been arrested and charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and are being held at the Wareham Police Department pending bail. Both men will be arraigned at the Wareham 4th District Court on Monday.

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