New Hampshire

2 NH State Reps. Worry for Safety After Hate-Filled Notes Found

Two Republican state representatives in New Hampshire say they’re worried for their families and neighbors after getting hate-filled, handwritten notes in their mailboxes.

NBC Boston spoke with one of those representatives Friday and he said a personal threat is one thing, but when a person brings his children into it – they’ve crossed a serious line.

The postcard that landed in Representative Sean Morrison’s Epping mailbox a couple days ago said, in part, “I hope your kid blows a big hole in his head with your gun. Cull the gene pool of you NRA vermin.”

Morrison declined an on camera interview, but told us over the phone, “A threat like this is why I believe in the second amendment.”

Nearby, parents James and Samantha LaVoie felt the same way.

“It’s exactly why I carry a gun, for the safety of my family, myself, and my son,” James said.

“Our world is going into a really scary place, it makes me worry about his future,” said Samantha as she held their toddler son, Gavin.

Representative Morrison said to reference the death of his two kids is proof that whoever sent the note is mentally unstable. “There is no place for language like that when we are trying to discuss adult issues,” he said.

A similar note was sent to Epping’s other representative. Both are Republicans who voted in support of the concealed carry bill earlier this year.

While Granite Staters admit that tensions are high on both sides of the gun control debate following the Las Vegas shooting, some say there’s no excuse for this kind of hatred.

“I think people were probably more civilized 100 years ago,” said Epping resident Kathy Carter.

“I think it’s disgusting,” said Brentwood resident Richard Rowe. “There’s nothing wrong with having guns, it’s the person behind the gun that’s the trouble.”

Epping Police said all they know right now is that the letters came from the Manchester area and now the U.S. Postal Service is investigating. 

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