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2021 Was Boston's Warmest Year on Record

2021 was warmer than normal across most of the Eastern US, with several locations setting new records

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2021 is in the books and as we look back on a year filled with extreme weather across the nation, we can add Boston to that list of extremes, as well!

With a mean temperature of 54.4 degrees at Logan Airport, it was enough to overtake the previous record (which only stood for nine years) of 54.2 degrees from 2012, making 2021 the warmest year on record!

It comes as no surprise since nine out of 12 months last year experienced above normal temperatures.

Temperatures were only below normal in February and, ironically, July, which is normally one of the hottest months of the year (cooler than normal in part due to the 10”+ of rain we saw).

November came in spot on with its average temperature.

It is certainly becoming clearer as each year passes that we need to continue to take the necessary actions to help our beloved planet as our climate continues to change.

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