2nd Tornado Touched Down in Vermont Monday, NWS Confirms

The tornado developed over the woods west of Route 22A and tracked northeast across the road, where multiple trees were snapped or uprooted

Levi Barrett

A storm last week produced two tornadoes in Vermont, the National Weather Service said Tuesday, confirming the second twister.

The newly confirmed tornado touched down in Waltham on Monday, July 18, a town over from where the other tornado was confirmed, in Addison.

That tornado was rated an EF-1; the Waltham tornado was an EF-0, according to the National Weather Service's office in Burlington. For context, Vermont averages one or two tornadoes a year.

The tornado touched down around 6:50 p.m. in Addison, a half mile southwest of the intersection of routes 22A and 17. It ended about two minutes later a half mile northeast of the same intersection.

An EF0 tornado has sustained wind gusts of 65-85 mph. An EF1 tornado has sustained wind gusts of 86-110.

Tornado warnings had been issued for parts of New Hampshire and Maine during the day's storms, but not Vermont. Another EF-1 tornado was confirmed in New Hampshire that day.

This Evening: Scattered rain and thunderstorms, humid. Temps around 80. Overnight Monday Night: Showers/thunder ending. Lows around 70, 60s north. Tuesday: Becoming mostly sunny, except scattered PM thunder Northern New England. Highs around 90.
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