5 Videos That You Need to See: January 13, 2016

What's everyone talking about today? Check out these must see viral videos

From a group of people thinking they won the powerball jackpot to more doctors treating hoverboard injuries, we think you should take a break from the workday to check out these five videos that have gone viral on social media.

#1: These New Jersey restaurant workers thought they won the powerball jackpot...no such luck. (WATCH)

#2: A blind man in Florida and his guide dog were attacked. (WATCH)

#3: More doctors are treating hoverboard injuries. (WATCH)

#4: A pod of whales were stranded on a beach in India. (WATCH)

Quincy, Mass.-born New England favorite looks to raise 400m-plus as "DNKN" on Nasdaq

#5: A man in Maryland wanted more snow, so he created his own winter wonderland. (WATCH)

We hope you enjoyed the videos. Have a great Wednesday! 

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