5 Videos That You Need to See: November 30, 2015

What's everyone talking about today? Check out these must see viral videos

From a man threatening a couple with a pellet gun to Cyber Monday tips, we think you should check out these videos that have gone viral on social media.

#1: A Quincy man threatens couple with a pellet gun. (WATCH)

A Quincy man threatened a couple after a road rage incident but the woman caught the whole encounter on cell phone video.

#2: Do you know how to get the best Cyber Monday deals? (WATCH)

Navigating the Internet on Cyber Monday can be daunting. With so many deals in so many places, where does one begin?

#3: A car crashes into another vehicle on I-95 in Connecticut and barely misses drivers. (WATCH)

The fourth anniversary of the deadly Boston Marathon attacks was marked on Saturday with One Boston Day — a day of volunteering and random acts of kindness.

#4: Travelers returned home after the long holiday weekend. (WATCH)

The weather is cooperating for Thanksgiving travelers coming back home.

#5: Butterball employees reveal the funniest call-ins they've ever received. (WATCH)

We hope you enjoyed the videos! See you back here tomorrow!

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