5 Viral Videos That You Need to See: October 8, 2015


From the disappearance of sand dunes to a cow on the loose, you won't want to miss these top 5 viral videos of the day making their rounds on social media for October 8, 2015.

#1: Chips the pug is on his way home, nearly a year after disappearing. (VIDEO)

#2: A newly opened glass walkway has been closed over safety concerns. (VIDEO)

Tourism officials have closed a newly opened glass walkway in a central China tourism spot after cracks appeared in the structure at the height of the weeklong National Day holiday.

#3: Hurricane Joaquin wreaked havoc on this beach. (VIDEO)

Several dunes on a North Carolina beach suffer major erosion, all thanks to Hurricane Joaquin.

#4: 3...2...1...blast off! (VIDEO)

#5: Well, this is a sight you surely don't see all the time. (VIDEO)

Menino spent the last three decades worshiping at West Roxbury’s St. John Chrysostum Parish.

Have a lovely day. We'll be back tomorrow with Friday's batch!

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