8 Charged With Rioting Outside Residence

riley perkins-brainard
Bedford Police

Police in Bedford, New Hampshire, have arrested eight people following a riot-like situation outside a residence Friday night.

Around 8 p.m., police received the report from a resident on Curtis Court that at least eight people were involved in an on-going fight on the property.

Upon arrival, police found 13 people gathering in the driveway and the road, some armed with metal pipes, knives, and a handgun. Preliminary investigation revealed eight people had gathered outside the residence to confront the tenants of the home.

The suspect believed to be responsible for orchestrating, identified as 23-year-old Jeffrey Riley of Bedford, was found to be armed with a loaded handgun and wearing a bulletproof vest. He was charged with felony riot and felonious use of body armor. Riley was released on bail and will appear in court at a later date.

The following were also arrested and charged:

  • Anthony Perkins-Brainard, 24, of Hudson. Charged with felony riot and felony criminal threatening with the use of a deadly weapon.
  • Kevin Hardy, 43, of Manchester. Charged with felony riot.
  • Christopher Lombard, 37, of Derry. Charged with Misdemeanor A Riot and possession of a controlled drug.
  • Rachel Hamilton, 26, of Hudson. Charged with Misdemeanor A Riot.
  • Jeremy Champagne, 23, of Bedford. Charged with Misdemeanor A Riot.
  • Jason Wildes, 40, of Salem. Charged with Misdemeanor A Riot.
  • Alexandra Boule, 22, of Manchester, Charged with Misdemeanor A Riot.

Bedford Police are investigating the circumstances around this incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact them at 603-472-5113.

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