2 New Accusers Come Forward as Jury Deliberates Sandusky's Fate

(NECN: Justin Michaels) - The trial against accused child sex abuser Jerry Sandusky heard hours of graphic testimony from the eight alleged victims who described being sexually abused by Sandusky.

Waiting out of sight Thursday during closing arguments was a surprise rebuttal witness for the prosecution: Matt Sandusky, the defendant's adopted son.

Matt Sandusky came to the court house under state police protection. The prosecution says he contacted them after the trial began and was ready to provide damaging testimony against his father if Sandusky took the stand in his own defense.

Matt Sandusky is one of two new accusers; the second accuser is 30-year-old Travis Weaver, who appeared exclusively on NBC's “Rock Center with Brian Williams” Thursday night.

"I told him if he didn't get off me I'd call the police on him... Just kind of laughed at me... On the bed."

Weaver was not included in the current case but in the Rock Center interview, you can hear his anger over what he says Jerry Sandusky did to him.

“I'd punch him in his mouth...There'd be no reason to say anything... He knows what he did. I know what he did."

The new accusations raise the possibility of additional charges against Sandusky, after the jury hands down verdicts on the current 41 charges of child sex abuse against him.

"It's certainly possible; the only question is whether the victims will want a day in court to be able to tell their stories."

In closing arguments Thursday, the defense did concede that Sandusky had showered with young boys but tried to raise doubt about the testimony of the eight alleged victims by raising this question: If Sandusky had helped thousands of children with his Second Mile charity, why have only these eight come forward?

While the prosecution urged the jurors to give Sandusky the justice he really deserves, Sandusky's own attorney, in closing arguments, did say to the jury: “if he did this he should rot in jail."

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