2 Years Later, Waltham, Mass. Triple Homicide Remains Unsolved

(NECN: Julie Loncich, Waltham, Mass.) - For three Massachusetts families, Sept. 11 is at the same time personal and devastating because it also marks the anniversary of a triple murder in Waltham.

Sept. 11 "is our 24/7, so for the last two years, like, that's something we go through every single day, not on 9/11 - wanting to know what happened and having a ton of questions and missing them," Aria Weissman says.

Weissman's older brother Eric and two others - Raphael Teken and Brendan Mess - were found dead in a Harding Street apartment in 2011 with their throats slashed and their bodies sprinkled with marijuana. The case remained cold until reports starting surfacing just days after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Sources tell NBC News Tamerlan Tsarnaev robbed and killed the three, and say Ibragim Todashev had confessed to his role in the murders and implicated Tsarnaev just before he was killed by FBI agents in Florida last May.

The FBI maintains Todashev attacked agents. Weissman worries the truth about what happened to her brother may rest with the dead.

"Just really throws us through a loop. It's really frustrating because he's not here anymore, so we can't get answers from him. The same for Todashev," she says.

Longtime friends of Mess - once friends with the elder Tsarnaev brother - say over the past two years, their frustration has certainly mounted.

"There's no excuse for what happened to them, and there's really no rhyme or reason. It would be nice to have some answers," Zola Coleman says.

"I want people to know that this isn't over for the three families," Weissman says.

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