3 Charged in Connection With Counterfeit Money Scheme

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(NECN) – Boston Police have arrested three individuals in connection with a counterfeit money scheme.

Adina Chisolm, 18, of New York City allegedly used four $100 bills at a TJMaxx store. When police observed that the bills all had the same serial numbers, they concluded the bills were counterfeit.

Police found the suspect in a vehicle nearby and arrested and charged Chisolm with possession of counterfeit notes/bank bills.

A search of the vehicle revealed 13 additional counterfeit $100 notes, over $3,100 in paper currency, a pink Vipertek stun gun, merchandise from TJMaxx and Marshalls valued at approximately $600 purchased with counterfeit bills, two plastic bags containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana, and three plastic bags containing over 250 pills later identified as Oxycodone.

Monique Bangura, 31, and Clevon Grant, 25, both of New York City were arrested and charged with possession of counterfeit notes/bank bills, possession with intent to distribute class A drugs, and possession with intent to distribute class D drugs.  Bangura, the operator of the vehicle, was also issued a parking citation for illegally parking in a handicap spot.

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