7-11 Looks to Cash in on ‘Presidential Slurpee Summit'

(NECN) - First we had the "beer summit," now we may have the "slurpee summit."     

Convenience store chain 7-11 is looking to capitalize on some political advertising.

A reporter asked Obama if he's willing to sit down with Republican leader John Boehner for a slurpee. That question at his press conference yesterday stemmed from President Obama's pre-campaign rhetoric in which he repeatedly accused Republicans of standing around drinking slurpees, while Democrats did the tough legislative work.

Just hours after yesterday's press conference, 7-11 had already contacted the White House about catering a meeting between Democrats and Republicans.

They offered to serve red and blue slurpees, as well as purple ones.

The store will also start a new advertising campaign this week, playing off the idea of bringing people together.

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