911 Calls From Colo. Massacre Played During Hearing

(NECN/NBC News: Leanne Gregg) - Family members of victims and survivors entered a courtroom in Centennial, Colo. Tuesday braced to hear more horrific details about the Aurora theater massacre.

Prosecutors played 911 calls from the night James Holmes is accused of opening fire on a terrified crowd during a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises", killing 12 people.

At least 30 gunshots could be heard in the space of 27 seconds on one recording.

On another a 14-year-old girl says her cousins had been shot, that one was not breathing.

The dispatcher tries to walk her through CPR, and then desperation, as the teen could not hear the instructions.

A glimpse inside Holmes' apartment was also offered by police.

Investigators offered descriptions of a remote controlled pyrotechnic box, firework shells, and a trip wire set to create sparks over a carpet soaked in gasoline and jars with homemade napalm.

An FBI bomb tech said Holmes told him he set the trap to divert emergency resources from the theater.

Because of the overwhelming evidence legal experts say a plea agreement is possible, but if the case goes to trial, prosecutors could still seek the death penalty.

"Not only is this not a "whodunnit,' but it's very likely a mission, from the defense perspective, just to save their client's life," says legal expert Darren Kavinoky.

Attorneys and the judge will continue to weight evidence this week, then decide on the next step in the legal process.

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