“Amazing Race” Police Officer Under Investigation in Providence

(NECN: Alysha Palumbo - Bristol, RI) - You may know Louie Stravato as a contestant on this season's Amazing Race.

But he's also a Providence Police detective who's under investigation as part of Operation Deception.

We caught up with Stravato at his Bristol, Rhode Island home and he said he'd love to comment but can't because it's an ongoing investigation.

Off camera he said he's confident his name will be cleared.

His mother Dorothy defended him.

"It's upsetting, very upsetting. No parent would like to hear that because I know he's not involved in anything like that," said Dorothy Stravato.

Three of his fellow officers have already been charged in a cocaine operation and three others have been placed on desk duty with him while officials complete their investigation.

Providence Mayor David Cicilline said, "It is an ongoing investigation and they've placed four officers on administrative leave out of an abundance of caution."

Dorothy Stravato says Louie's been hurt by the decision to investigate him, but she believes she knows why he's been put under the microscope.

"I think it's because he was always undercover. I just hope that everything is cleared and they'll resolve this before you know it," said Dorothy Stravato.

Meanwhile Providence Mayor David Cicilline has reversed his decision to institute random drug testing in the department after the union rejected the proposal.

"It was clear to me after directing the random drug testing that it was heard in a different way than it was intended, that was the last thing I intended to convey and so I've asked the Chief to table that direction and to work with the men and women of the department to develop a policy that makes sense," said Cicilline.

Union leaders applauded the decision.

Fraternal Order of Police Union Vice President Clarence Gough said, "It's hard enough to do this job with this hanging over your head. It's really tough for the men and women in uniform, very tough."

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