Airstrike at Syrian Gas Station Kills at Least 30

(NECN/NBC News: Annabel Roberts) - People caught up in the latest explosion in Damascus, Syria this week raced to help the victims.

Just north of the city two days later, another gas station went up in flames. It's thought the blast was caused by a car bomb, and no one has claimed responsibility.

The violence in Syria continues as forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad fight over territory with rebel groups.

The United Nations estimates more than 60,000 have already been killed, but a spokesperson admits the true figure is probably much higher.

The U.N. also says more than half a million people have fled the bloodshed and are currently living in camps along Syria's border, including one in Jordan.

American soldiers have started arriving in Turkey. In fact, 400 are being deployed here to operate NATO anti-missile batteries along the country's border, requested by Turkey to bolster its defenses against the chaos in Syria.

For 21 months, fighting has been tearing this country apart and there is still no political solution in sight.

Syrian state media has just announced that President Assad will deliver a speech Sunday, which is extremely important as he hasn't spoken about the conflict for several weeks. They say he's due to talk about developments in Syria and the region.

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