Alleged Sandusky Victim Testifies He Screamed for Help

(NECN/NBC News: Brian Mooar) - The prosecution is expected to rest its case Monday in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial.

Thursday's testimony focused on three accusers and a pair of investigators.

The last of eight young men accusing former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky took the witness stand to deliver the most graphic allegations of sexual abuse yet.

Known as victim number nine, he said he was 11 when he was abused for the first of many times over a three-year period in the Sandusky family home.

He said he screamed for help and later wanted to tell someone but feared no one would listen

The boy's name was listed on an address book later found in a search of Sandusky's belongings.

His name was starred and so were some of the other alleged victims in this case.

"The prosecution did really well given the number of compelling witness that were presented this week, the defense will be hard pressed to overcome that case," said Wes Oliver, an NBC News legal analyst.

Also on this fourth day of testimony, an investigator testified that Sandusky admitted back in 1998 that he had showered with young boys but denied it was sexual.

Former state police investigator Ronald Schreffler recalled that he was contacted by the mother who claimed Sandusky had touched her 11-year-old son in a Penn State shower.

That alleged victim is now a 25-year-old bible college graduate. He told the court that Sandusky tickled and bear-hugged him in the shower and joked: "I'm going to squeeze your guts out."

The court also heard from a 25-year-old National Guard soldier who said he was abused dozens of times, yet he still saw Sandusky as a father figure.

No court is scheduled for Friday, and the defense is expected to call its first witness early next week.

Sandusky has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

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