Annie Dookhan to Face More Charges in Court

(NECN: Jackie Bruno, Woburn, Mass.) - The former chemist at the center of the Massachusetts drug lab scandal was expected to appear in court Wednesday, facing even more charges.

The case is already affecting so many other cases in Massachusetts. In fact, 159 defendants have already been released from prison.

Now, there is new information about how even Annie Dookhan's husband didn't trust her.

According to the Boston Globe, Dookhan's husband texted former assistant District Attorney George Papachristos, writing: "This is Annie's husband, do not believe her. She's a liar. She's always lying. She is looking for sympathy and attention."

This was nearly two years before she was caught for allegedly tampering with evidence.

Papachristos had been a friend of Dookhan… they reportedly texted often… but he did not heed her husband's warning and ultimately had to resign from his position.

Now, she's been charged with 27 counts of obstructing justice and altering drug evidence. She's already been arraigned on 15 of those charges… today she will be arraigned on five more.

Meanwhile, the state is still trying to deal with the fallout from her alleged actions.

"The scope of the problem extends to the more than 34,000 cases that Annie Dookhan was involved in starting with people who are incarcerated and then working down from there," Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick said.

Dookhan has been free on $10,000 bail.

She was expected to appear at Middlesex Superior Court sometime after 9 a.m. to be arraigned on three counts of obstruction of justice.

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