Apple Says Free Case Will Address Phone Reception Issues

(NECN: Cupertino, Calif.) - Apple Inc. says it will give free protective cases to buyers of its latest iPhone model to alleviate the so-called "death grip" problem -- holding the phone with a bare hand can muffle the wireless signal.     

Jobs made the announcement today at the company's headquarters in California.

Those who have already bought the phone and new buyers through September 30 will be eligible.

"We care about every user and we are not going to stop until everyone is happy," said Jobs.

People who already purchased the $29 "Bumper" cases will be refunded.

Jobs also said the iOS 4 software update is complete.

"If you're still not happy, before or after you get a free case, you can bring your iPhone 4 back, undamaged, within 30 days, for a full refund," said Jobs.

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